30 Day Edit

I finished my latest novel in March at just short of 80k words. Hurrah! But since then editing my novel has been a source of mental pain and great resistance. I have really struggled with it. I’m not sure why this is, because I was looking forward to editing when I was forcing myself to finish the last few chapters. But now I’m able to edit, it is the LAST thing I seem to want to do. In fact, I will clean the bathroom, read a boring book or even take a nap before I can bring myself to open … Read more

Writing Prompt Round-Up: A Collection Of The Best Writing Prompt Resources To Inspire You

Writing prompt round-up: a collection of the best writing prompt resources to inspire you

A good writing prompt is great for expanding your writing skills. If you don’t know what to write, a writing prompt that catches your attention and fires up your imagination can get you typing again when you’ve been staring at a blank page for too long. I did think about providing a list of writing prompts for you, but it turns out there are many people out there doing this far better than I ever could. So, instead here’s a round-up of the best writing prompts I could find, all in one handy place. Take your pick, get writing, and … Read more

Novel: The Neighbour

Novel: The Neighbour

Chapter Notes So, rather strangely, I started writing this in 2017, but last year my own mother passed away. I’m sure I have no innate ability to predict the future, but it seems odd, reading it now. Nonetheless, the story begins here. The loss of her parents is the catalyst for Karen to return to her old house and raise the memories of a childhood event that is far from over. In life it is always the endings that signal the beginning of a new journey. Chapter 1 The hired funeral car was peaceful and immaculate. Unlike the outward journey, … Read more